December 2022 Accomplishments!

Congratulations to the following member pilots and their CFIs for their recent accomplishments!

  • Hernandez, Jason-Commercial ASEL- CFI Gonzalaz, Antonio, CFI Conrad, Ariel
  • Suzuki, Masayuki James-First SOLO- CFI Reyes, German, CFI ONeal, Ian
  • Guclu, Gorkem-PPL- CFI Choi, Youngmin
  • Longthorne, Liam- Commercial ASEL- CFI Conrad, Ariel
  • Aldabashi, Hyle-PPL-CFI Conrad, Clayton

2017 Flight Training Experience Award by the AOPA!

Please help us congratulate Anissa Mohler for being awarded the 2017 Flight Training Experience Award by the AOPA!  Anissa was 1 of 12 in the entire western pacific that received this recognition and the only CFI recognized of all FBOs and independent CFI’s at Reid Hillview Airport! Congratulations Anissa!