E16 and RHV Runway, Taxiway and Airport Closure Schedule

The County Roads and Airports department is moving forward with the long awaited runway and taxiway repaving project at both San Martin (E16) and Reid-Hillview (RHV) Airports in May. The following is the planned schedule for airport closures and runway and taxiway closures during this time period.

  • San Martin Airport will be CLOSED to all operations May 3rd – May 10th
  • RHV Runway 31L and Taxiway Y will be CLOSED May 2nd – May 10th
  • RHV Airport will be CLOSED to all operations at night May 13th – May 25th
  • RHV Runway 31R and Taxiway Z will be CLOSED May 13th – May 19th
  • RHV Rows Foxtrot, Golf and both Runups will be CLOSED May 21st – May 25th
  • The closure of Foxtrot will directly impact Squadron 2. We will be moving our planes to another location when Foxtrot is closed so you will be able to fly. Stay tuned for details of when and where.

    As always CHECK NOTAMS before you fly!

    March and April 2018 Accomplishments!

    Congratulations to the following Squadron 2 member pilots and their CFIs for their accomplishments in March and April!

    – Jeff Ramadan 3/7/18 – Instrument Rating – CFII Clayton Conrad
    – Joon Song 3/19/18 – CFI-Instrument – CFI Abhi
    – Trevor Meads 3/23/18 – 1st Solo!! – CFI Ron V.
    – Jungi Ye 4/4/18 – 1st Solo!! – CFI Andy Feng
    – Yash Patel 4/4/18 – Private Pilot! – CFI Abhi
    – Ross Baba 4/7/18 – 1st Solo!! – CFI Abhi
    – Andrew Duff 4/13/18 – Private Pilot! – CFI Bob Etchell
    – Shaktivel Sundaresan – Instrument Rating! – CFII Abhi
    – Brenda Alarcon – Commercial Single Engine Land! – CFIs Carlo, Bob, Abhi
    – Ri Ah Lin – Instrument Rating! – CFIIs Clayton, Sherry, Abhi
    – Steve Canby 4/22/18 – Commercial Single Engine Land! – CFI Scott Rohlfing