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Squadron2 Flight Club Rental

Squadron2 was started by pilots for pilots to allow the most economical way of renting safe, dependable aircraft to its members. We rent a wide selection of aircraft; Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, etc. for your flying pleasure. All the aircraft are maintained by highly skilled on-site mechanics that keep the aircraft in top running condition.

Have you ever had a dream of taking off into the wild, blue yonder and soaring with the birds? How would you like to get to Lake Tahoe in one hour instead of sitting in traffic for three?

At Squadron 2 we enjoy taking aircraft for long trips as well as just weekend gateways. A weekend gateway trips to vacation spots for example, is possible due to the low minimum daily hour requirements.

As a member you can schedule our rental aircraft 24 hours a day on line so you're not limited to office hours to take or reserve a plane.

professional flight instructors

Flight Training

We offer both part 61 and part 141 flight training. We have a large selection of training aircraft for rent and a broad range of professional flight instructors.

Our rental aircraft range from the economical Cessna 152, 172, Pipers, to twins, maintained by a full-time staff of certified mechanics.

Whatever your training needs 61, 141, or just time building, Read More Here give us a call at 408.648.2008 or send your inquiries to:

info@squadron2.com general information about membership, aircraft rental, insurance minimums, club checkouts, arranging flight reviews, club activites and member services

training@squadron2.com for general information about flexible Part 61 flight training provided by independent flight instructors to accomodate your busy schedule

141@squadron2.com for information about our formal Part 141 Flight School or if you are an international flight student.

Squadron 2

Squadron 2