More New Certificates and Accomplishments!

Congratulations to the following new pilots, certificates and our new Solo Pilot, John Myung!

– Obalit Betgorgiz – Private Pilot! 2/17/18 – CFI Abhi
– Kezia Fernandes – Private Pilot! 2/20/18 – CFI Abhi
– John Myung – 1st Solo!! 2/21/18 – CFI Coby Sena
– Ales Janhar – Commercial Multi Instrument – 2/24/18 – MEI Bob
– Marcel Trimpl – Commercial Multi Instrument – 2/24/18 – MEI Bob

Excellent work!

Feb 1 – 3 New Private Pilots!!

On February 1st we had three Squadron 2 members earn their private pilot certificates!
Shaktivel Sundaresan – Private Pilot on 2/1/2018 with CFIs Abhi Neelamraju and Ricky
Young Min Choi – Private Pilot on 2/1/2018 with CFI Joon Song
Keyed Park – Private Pilot on 2/1/2018 with CFI David Na

Congratulations on your accomplishments!

Solos, Cross Countries, and CFII’s, Oh My!

Congratulations keep coming in! Please join us in congratulating the following pilots and instructor pilot for their accomplishments!

  • Ryan Carr – flew solo for the first time in a long time on 10/23 with the help of CFI Carlo Espinosa.
  • Shaktivel Sundarsan flew his First Solo flight on 10/23 under the watchful eye of CFI Bhawani.
  • Brett Breitzman flew his first Solo Cross Country (long edition!) on 10/24 with a sign off and a hearty farewell from CFI Anissa Mohler.
  • Anissa Mohler passed her Instrument Flight Instructor check ride today, 10/25, with the San Jose FSDO on her first attempt working with CFII Scott Rohlfing!

2017 Flight Training Experience Award by the AOPA!

Please help us congratulate Anissa Mohler for being awarded the 2017 Flight Training Experience Award by the AOPA!  Anissa was 1 of 12 in the entire western pacific that received this recognition and the only CFI recognized of all FBOs and independent CFI’s at Reid Hillview Airport! Congratulations Anissa!


First Half October 2017 Accomplishments

Join us in congratulating the following Squadron 2 member pilots for their accomplishments the first few weeks of October!

Enriquez Emelech – First Solo!! on October 5 under the supervision of CFI, Bhawani

Pranav Apte – Private Pilot Written passed on October 8 signed off by CFI, Bhawani

Taylor Franklin – Commercial Single Engine Land on October 6 working with CFIs Bob and Abhi

Michal Jankowski – Instrument Rating on October 11 (and he used it coming back from his check ride!) working with Scott Rohlfing, CFII