More New Certificates and Accomplishments!

Congratulations to the following new pilots, certificates and our new Solo Pilot, John Myung!

– Obalit Betgorgiz – Private Pilot! 2/17/18 – CFI Abhi
– Kezia Fernandes – Private Pilot! 2/20/18 – CFI Abhi
– John Myung – 1st Solo!! 2/21/18 – CFI Coby Sena
– Ales Janhar – Commercial Multi Instrument – 2/24/18 – MEI Bob
– Marcel Trimpl – Commercial Multi Instrument – 2/24/18 – MEI Bob

Excellent work!

Final Public Input Meeting on the Airports Business Plan – March 1

As most of you know, the County Airport Administration is working on an update to the Airports Business Plan for the County’s two airports. As part of the update effort, they have been hosting public input meetings. These meetings explain the process of updating the Business Plan. They will also listen to the audience’s thoughts and concerns. For more information on the Business Plan, the process for updating it, and questions asked during previous meetings, please visit their website:

The third and final public meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 1, 2018 starting at 6:30 PM at the Donald Meyer Elementary School, 1824 Daytona Dr., San Jose, CA 95122.

This meeting is the primary meeting for airport neighbors to provide input. We can expect some very different viewpoints from our neighbors. Please listen respectfully and carefully to all inputs.

Feb 1 – 3 New Private Pilots!!

On February 1st we had three Squadron 2 members earn their private pilot certificates!
Shaktivel Sundaresan – Private Pilot on 2/1/2018 with CFIs Abhi Neelamraju and Ricky
Young Min Choi – Private Pilot on 2/1/2018 with CFI Joon Song
Keyed Park – Private Pilot on 2/1/2018 with CFI David Na

Congratulations on your accomplishments!