From SQ2 to Part 135

Retired CFI/CFII Antonio Gonzalez has made quite a name for himself since leaving Squadron 2 in November 2022 after accepting a job at Key Lime Air in Denver, Colorado. He gained around 1100 hours in SQ2’s fleet, with “Debby” (N1259M) being his favorite plane to fly. Early in 2023, Tony earned his type rating for the Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner and has been flying cargo all around the Rockie Mountains. Pretty soon, Tony will be aiming to take his ATP Checkride in 2024. Everybody at SQ2 is proud of Tony for his accomplishments.

SCAPA Scholarship

Huge congratulations to SQ2 member and SJSU students Reena Ilao and Sofia Goodwin for being the proud recipients of the SCAPA Scholarship due to their academic accomplishments and flight training experience. Reena is working on her Instrument Rating and Sofia is working on her Commercial Certificate.

October 2023 Accomplishments – CFI Addition

The club had three different CFI checkrides passed this month!

10/4: Douglas Yeung – First Solo – CFI Sam Soltani

10/5: Jonathan Chen – Private Pilot – CFI JJ Jimenez – DPE Robert Frankovich

10/13: Hanna O’Connor Rigby – CFI Initial – CFI Ales Janhar – DPE Robert Frankovich

10/17: Steve Canby – Multi-Engine Instructor – MEI Ales Janhar – DPE Jim Brannan

10/23: Jason Hernandez – CFI Initial – CFI Clayton Conrad – DPE Dr. James Duvall

September 2023 Accomplishments!

9/2: Pieter Van Santvliet – First Solo – CFI Steve Canby

9/5: Justin Kim – First Solo – CFI Ian ONeal

9/12: Ariel Conrad – CFII – CFII Her Proud Father Clayton Conrad – DPE Dr. James Duvall

9/14: Andrew Duff – CFI Initial – CFI Bob Ethcell – DPE Rob Davids

9/16: Lucas K – Instrument – CFII’s Joon Song and Emily Tram – DPE Ken Cobb

August 2023 Accomplishments

8/1: Colin Zhao – Private ASEL – CFI German Reyes – DPE Ken Cobb

8/4: Tram Do – Private ASEL – CFI Ariel Conrad – DPE Jon Thornton

8/9: Sam Soltani – CFI Initial – CFI Steve Canby – DPE Rich Batchelder

8/17: Frank Torres, Jr. – First Solo – CFI Ian ONeal

8/22: Kim Kyunghe – First Solo – CFI Joon Song