141 Training

As an FAA Part 141 Certified school, which means that the school has had their program accredited by the FAA. This means that:

  • The aircraft and the business location are FAA approved and inspected regularly.
  • The FAA oversees the operation and record keeping for quality, compliance and safety.
  • An FAA approved course syllabus determines the direction and content of your training.
  • VA benefitsand most colleges and universities require Part 141 instruction.

Squadron 2 offers from private through CFII in our curriculum. One of the many advantages to flying with Squadron 2’s 141 program over a part 61 or individual instructor is that fewer flight hours are required to qualify for a pilot certificate. The requirement for a private pilot certificate is 40 hours in a Part 61 school and only 35 hours in a Part 141 certificated school. This is also true for your additional ratings and certificates. For instance, if you are training with Squadron 2, you do not need to log the additional 50 hours of cross country time needed for the Instrument Rating under part 61. This can save you over $6,000 in training costs in just on one rating!  For professional pilot students, you can complete you commercial license in just 190 hours, versus 250 for Part 61 schools: a difference of at least $9,000!

If you are interested please send us an email at 141@squadron2.com.

Earn Your College Degree

San Jose State University

Flight Program

Begin your college degree from San Jost State University in their Flight Program while completing your flight training at Squadron 2.  This can also start you on the road to your Restricted ATP rating at just 1000 hours.

Contact Admissions or visit www.sjsu.edu