November to December 2020 Accomplishments!

Congratulations to the following member pilots and their CFIs for their recent accomplishments!

  • Kayla Nguyen- First SOLO XC -11/28/20-CFI-Ryan R.
  • Brian LaRochelle-Private Pilot-12/08/20-CFI Ron V.
  • Madu Amajor-Private Pilot-12/11/20- CFI Steve Canby
  • Timo Birnschein- Private Pilot- 12/12/20-CFI Clayton Conrad
  • Abha Chinubhai- First SOLO -12/17/20-CFI Steve Canby
  • Chiu Wa Wu-First SOLO-12/20/20- CFI Youngmin Choi
  • Shan Zhou-First SOLO-12/24/20-Alan Guo
  • Shan Zhou-First SOLO XC-01/01/21-Alan Guo