Steve Canby

Steve Canby

I have been fascinated by aviation as long as I can remember. I started working in Silicon Valley as a software engineer and then moved into senior management. During this time I became a pilot, eventually earning my instrument, multi-engine and commercial ratings.

A few years ago, I decided to switch career paths and become a flight instructor. I find that my engineering experience is complementary to flight instruction as both require the ability to explain complex topics in simple to understand terms.

My attitude about flying is that it should be safe and fun. I bring this approach to flight training as well as my personal flying.

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Call or Text: 408-218-8987


Instructor Ratings: CFI, CFII, MEI

Instructs: Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, CFI, CFII, & MEI (Under Part 61 & 141)

Aircraft Authorization: All SQ2 Aircraft