Automated Schedule Policies and Cancellation Fees

If you allow an aircraft reservation to expire without checkout or cancelling the reservation you will be charged a $20 cancellation fee. You can cancel the schedule up to the start time without any fee and for any reason. But if you allow the schedule to expire you will be charged. You will get an email that states “Expired Schedule/Reservation, No Checkout” when this happens.

The following features are available to help you avoid the cancellation fee:

  • If you have a reservation for the next day you will receive a reminder email around 7PM with your reservation(s). The email title will be “Reminders for your Flights at SQUADRON2 on” and the date.
  • We are testing a system that will text you roughly one to two hours before your scheduled flight to remind you the schedule is pending. **This will only work for you if you have set up SMS Texting in the schedule system. See below for instructions on how to set this up.**
  • You can download and sync your schedules to various popular calendar software and set up any reminders you like there.

To reduce the excessive scheduling everyone is now limited to a maximum of 10 schedules in the system at a time. Most people will not even notice this change. However, if you had more than 10 schedules set you will notice all schedules after the 10th schedule for you have been removed.

Hopefully these system changes will help everyone have more access to our planes and, as a result, be able to fly more and make better progress on their certificates/ratings.


  • Go to
  • Login using your user ID and password
  • Click on Contact Update
  • Put the SMS E-mail address for your phone in the SMS E-Mail Address field
  • Click on Update Information

Check with your cellular service vendor for the email address to use.
The following are some common carriers SMS email addresses:

  • AT&T – [your 10 digit number]
  • Sprint – [your 10 digit number]
  • T-Mobile – [your 10 digit number]
  • US Cellular – [your 10 digit number]
  • Verizon – [your 10 digit number]