Solos, Cross Countries, and CFII’s, Oh My!

Congratulations keep coming in! Please join us in congratulating the following pilots and instructor pilot for their accomplishments!

  • Ryan Carr – flew solo for the first time in a long time on 10/23 with the help of CFI Carlo Espinosa.
  • Shaktivel Sundarsan flew his First Solo flight on 10/23 under the watchful eye of CFI Bhawani.
  • Brett Breitzman flew his first Solo Cross Country (long edition!) on 10/24 with a sign off and a hearty farewell from CFI Anissa Mohler.
  • Anissa Mohler passed her Instrument Flight Instructor check ride today, 10/25, with the San Jose FSDO on her first attempt working with CFII Scott Rohlfing!