Temporary Tower at San Martin Airport (E16) 127.375

Cal-Fire is setting up operations at San Martin airport to fight the Bear Fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains. There will be up to 9 helicopters and crews based at San Martin for this operation. Make sure to check NOTAMS before operating at and near San Martin.

There is now a temporary tower and ground control at San Martin Airport (E16) that will be operational from 8AM to 6PM Local Time.

Tower Frequency: 127.375, Ground Frequency: 120.225

There is also TFR over the fire area that will be active from 7AM to 8PM daily until the fire is contained or extinguished or the TFR is cancelled. See this link for details: http://tfr.faa.gov/save_pages/detail_7_7079.html

With this new fire and the ongoing fires in the North Bay, be aware shifting winds can result in sudden decrease of visibility and marginal VFR or even Instrument Meteorological Conditions.

As always, make sure to get a weather briefing and check for up to date NOTAMS and TFRs before you fly.