Neeraj Khatwani

Hi. I am Neeraj Khatwani. I have been flying in San Francisco Bay area for over 16 years now. I love to learn and to teach. My teaching mantra: Instill solid foundation, make each flight lesson fun and above all, teach and practice 100% safety, at all times. Want to get your pilot license, whether for hobby flying or a career in aviation? Text or Email me. Fly a discovery flight with me where you’ll experience hands-on flying and you won’t look back. Learn at your pace – without any time pressure. Let’s talk.

Certificates: Commercial SEL, Instrument rating

Instructor ratings: CFI, AGI

Instructs: Private and Commercial (Under Part 61)

Aircraft Authorization: Cessna 172, 182, Piper Arrow II

Phone: 408-823-5399