M-1 Visa  

1)      To request registration at Squadron 2 and apply for a US Visa - Fill out Squadron2’s request form.

To study at Squadron 2, you need to fill out the Squadron 2 request for registration form.  This form is available from Squadron 2. After you fill out the form, include your bank statement and  email it to mailto:141@squadron2.com.

2)      Verify and sign I-20.

Squadron 2 will then send you an I-20 form after you complete step 1 above.  You will need this form to apply for an M-1* student Visa.

3)      Take 2 passport style photos.


4)      Apply for nonimmigrant Visa (DS-160) - https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/

Follow the instructions to apply for a student visa at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate. You will need to apply within the US if you are already in the country. In general, you will need to apply by filing Form I-20M-N (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (M-1*) Student Status for Vocational Students) as well as your Form I-20. You will also need to file Form DS-160 (Online Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application) and show evidence of a passport and submit two photos.

5)      Submit an MRV fee. https://www.ustraveldocs.com/pl/pl-niv-paymentinfo.asp


6)      Submit a SEVIS I-901 Fee https://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/paying-the-i-901-sevis-fee ($350).


7)      Keep in mind that you will generally be able to enter the US no more than 30 days before the start of your program.

*M-1 - Vocational Student Visa

To study in the US at Squadron 2’s flight school and you are neither a permanent resident nor a US citizen, you’ll need to apply for a student visa. You will need an M-1 visa, in order to get the authorization to live and study in the United States.  The M-1 student visa is for students who enroll in non-academic or "vocational” study.  Squadron 2’s flight school is a vocational program.  The M-1 visa is valid for only one year. Students may apply for cumulative extensions for up to three years.

Next – Finger printing and flight training permission in the US:

Apply for training on TSA’s Flight Training Security Program (FTSP) website

Click here to Log into the TSA page and continue the application process. The TSA Application Guide (found on home page) describes the information you will be required to submit, including background information, passport and visa information, and training details. Follow these guidelines to ensure your uploaded documents are legible.


Upon completion of the application, you will be prompted to click on the “validate and submit” icon. If any errors appear in the application, you will be instructed to make any necessary corrections or complete any missing information.

After making any changes, click on “submit application.” For the application to proceed further, you must select “I agree” or “I disagree” after reviewing important information regarding your application.

Your training request status will be available on the FTSP candidate home page. Each training request you have entered into the system will be listed in the Current Flight Training Applications section of the FTSP home page after login. You can find descriptions of each status type online.

Note: you may cancel a training request that is in the Draft status by going to Step 7 of the request, clicking on the Edit link for that request, and clicking the “Delete Training Request” button.

The provider is Squadron Acquisition Company dba Squadron 2.

The course number is 101 for the professional pilot course.

The training aircraft are (Please put all of these): C152 C172 PA28

                                                            Multi-Engine: BE-76


Course #



Professional Pilot Course


Private Pilot Course


Instrument Pilot Course


Commercial Pilot Course


Private Pilot Multi-Engine Course


Instrument Pilot Multi-Engine Course


Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Course


CFI-SE Pilot Course


CFI-ME Pilot Course



Category of training is Category 3.  This is depending on Initial (Private), Instrument, or Multi-Engine.  Choose the flight training you are in. Such as Private (initial) or Instrument.  Commercial does not need TSA approval.


Time: TSA approval is for one (1) year only.  Please select a one year training time. If you go over a year, this just requires renewal.


Wait for the flight school to acknowledge your training request.

The flight school must acknowledge your training request before your application proceeds further. TSA will send the flight school an email requesting confirmation of your training request after it has been submitted.

Pay the nonrefundable $130 processing fee per instructions emailed to you.

Once the flight school confirms your request, you will be e-mailed instructions to pay the $130 processing fee by credit card on TSA’s website. 


Look for a “Preliminary Approval” email from TSA.

Upon receiving payment, TSA will email both you and the flight school an email with the subject “Preliminary Approval.” THIS DOES NOT GRANT YOU PERMISSION TO RECEIVE TRAINING. This email simply confirms that TSA has received the application and fee, but they still need to receive your fingerprints. If you do not receive the preliminary decision within 7 business days, contact the TSA Help Desk, the address is found on the website under Contact FTSP


If the decision is NOT favorable, you will be provided details regarding any information that may be missing from your request. If your request was returned because of insufficient information, you will receive an email notification. You may return to the FTSP website, select the training request for which you received the email notification, and review the information for its accuracy and completeness. Make any changes needed, and resubmit your training request. On resubmission, the flight training provider does not need to validate your request again, and you do not have to pay another $130 USD processing fee.

If the decision is favorable, see the next step.


Submit fingerprints to TSA per the instructions emailed to you.

If the preliminary decision is favorable and a successful payment has been verified, you will receive an email from FTSP with the subject “Fingerprint Instructions.”  Although you may receive a notification from pay.gov for successful payment, your training request will not be processed by FTSP until the payment is verified by TSA and you have been sent the “Fingerprint Instructions” email. Do NOT submit fingerprints prior to paying for your training request and receiving the official FTSP fingerprinting instructions. This will result in the invalidation of your fingerprints and the cancellation of your associated training request(s). The fingerprints will not be applied to any current or future training request. You and the provider will receive an email notifying you that the fingerprints are invalid, the training request(s) is/are canceled, and what steps need to be taken to resolve the problem to complete processing through the FTSP.

If you have previously submitted fingerprints and received confirmation of fingerprint receipt for a prior FTSP training request (i.e. you are applying for additional flight training), you are not required to resubmit fingerprints. TSA will use the fingerprints already on file for you, if possible. Fingerprints will continue to be transferred to new flight training requests only if you use the same account (pin) number that was used for the initial flight training request.

A list of domestic and international fingerprinting location is available online.  Your fingerprints must be collected by or under the supervision of one of the following:

·         A U.S., federal, state or local law enforcement agency

·         U.S. government personnel at a U.S. embassy or consulate that possesses appropriate fingerprint collection equipment and personnel certified to capture fingerprints.

·         Another entity approved by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or TSA, including airports that possess appropriate fingerprint collection equipment and personnel certified to capture fingerprints.

The prints can be taken either electronically or by the provided forms.  If you need a form, contact the Clearinghouse at (703) 797-2550. Be sure to bring the following items to the fingerprinting appointment: a copy of the Fingerprint Instructions email; passport, residential alien card, or U.S. driver’s license (if resident alien); if required by fingerprint collection location, 2 fingerprint cards and a pre-paid shipping envelope; fees as required by fingerprint collector. After they are completed, the prints are sent back to AAAE”s Clearinghouse (an address is provided on the fingerprinting forms), who then forwards a copy to TSA. 

Visit TSA's Fingerprint process FAQs, and Instructions to Fingerprint Collector for additional guidance on the fingerprint process under the FAQ tab on the home page.


Wait for TSA to notify you and the flight school of its decision.

There are several factors that affect the amount of time between training request submission and response. As a category 3 candidate (training in aircraft less than 12,500 lbs.), TSA will make a final determination as to your eligibility to receive flight training and will notify you and the flight school of its decision.

Once you have received TSA approval, START FLIGHT TRAINING!

Once you have permission to train, you have 180 days to begin training and 365 days to complete the approved training. Both of these time periods start from the day you receive approval. For example, if you begin flight training 30 days after you have been approved, you now have 335 days to finish. If you do not finish, a new training request must be submitted.

Have your photo taken by the flight school when you arrive for the first day of flight training.

The flight school will be required to upload this photo – not one copied from your passport or other identification – to TSA’s website or have it faxed to TSA at 571/227-4532 or 571/227-4534.

*All prices are approximate and subject to change without notification.